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These people stole my money on Kickstarter. This game is dead.

All of the windows links 404


You can still find this demo over at Gamejolt plus the OST download.


Game dead?

The download doesn't work anymore.. :/

Would love to try this out. What ever happened to it? It looks so promising. 

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Looks like they're getting ready to move to steam and that's why the links are dead.

download links still unfortunately dead..... (tested on debian)


All links are dead.


Dude,i Want so much that you creators of this beautiful game,fix the download link plz


This game is amazing,  I think about it a lot. Please look into fixing the download so more people can experience it. Even though it's not done it's one of my favorite things to play. It's got a great style and the controls are really smooth. The story line is fun and the characters are actually likable (a rare trait!) I love this game!


Download file don't exist. No possible 2 play this game anymore :-(


my dowload don t work

plz me what to play


Im on a Mac and using the itch app when I press install it does not download ? just letting you guys know... 

The game looks awesome btw 

Download doesn't work

Great Demo, cant wait for the rest :D


eu nao consigo instalar o jogo me ajudem


I can not install it help

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Hey! A member of our new channel, GIGAFYTE, just did a Let's Play of this game and both him and I (the editor) loved it! It's a really fun game and the art style is wonderful! It really brings back that gameboy vibe and the nostalgia is real. Nickie enjoyed playing the game, but struggled a lot at the robot boss battle. Unfortunately, he was unable to get past the boss after eleven tries, hahah, so that's where we played up until. We really would appreciate anyone checking out our gameplay of it below, and our channel in general! We're new, but we put a lot of effort into our videos and we really hope you guys enjoy them. Either way, highly recommend this game to everyone out there interested in 8-bit games.

-- Alex [Editor of GIGAFYTE]


Won't let me download it



But I instantly fell for it.

Deleted post

FUN!!! I love this style of game!!


Sr wilson mandou um abraço


Love the art direction, and the mimic ability is superb. Can't wait for the full release- good luck with development guys!


Doesn't download when i click the download button

Sr. wilsom


Hello, I need some help. I was able to download the "", but I don't know what to do next. Please help me!

You have to open the .zip file with a program like winrar or 7zip.
Extract the files there to a choosable folder and (most likely) klick the.exe file in order to play.
But first yo need a program that can open .zip files.
Doesn't really atter which one you take, but be aware that the free programs are already enough.
No need to pay money for such a program.


CAN'T DOWNLOAD? Check the url bar, icons on right. The link tries to open a pop-up on dropbox, allow that one and it will work. :)

Very interesting fight mechanic! I still gotta find orientation in this world though and are there even savegames?...

Can you elaborate? I don't understand what you mean by "Check the url bar, icons on right". Thx

Does this help?

What browser are you using?


Thanks that worked

Chrome with a theme. It's likely that all browsers put their "pop-up blocked" notification in the address bar on the right. Could be the bottom left of the window too though. Glad to hear it worked!


Nothing is downloading? I even waited a while and checked my files and yet... nothing.


You messed up the executable.


I tried downloading the 64bit then the 32bit for windows but it wont download. it looks pretty sweet so hopefully this gets fixed soon.


Really wanted to try this but the download for Windows 64bit isn't working.


Download not working for Linux 64bit. Shame, the game looks super fun! I'll check back periodically to try the download. Hope it gets fixed :)


The games looks really interesting but unfortunately I can't download the demo on my Mac. The download window does open but then the download never starts... Anyone knows what to do?

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For me everything is working well done downloading..PLUS


Good for you! Now let people that can't download the game be heard so the situation can be resolved. PLUS, other people in the future won't go trough the same.


I'll definitely buy it! Unfortunately the download links simply doesn'twork. I've tried downloading Windows and Linux to no avail. A window pops up but the download never starts.

Is there any other way to try your demo?


I have the same problem :(


I am having issues with downloading this to my laptop thru Windows. I did unlock the pop up window, but I keep getting the coding software, but no install icon to desktop. Could someone please help this poor soul who has very little computer knowledge who just wants to play this demo? DX

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