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Whups! Bug report! I'm in the Forest, and evidently encountered a boss of some kind. I got the sound like some text was displaying, but no text. And now Rubick's just frozen there - he can look left and right, but no motion, magick select options, or magick selection menu. So it's just Rubick standing in the Forest while ominous music plays and loops.

Hi satori, thank you for reporting this problem. Did you took a screenshot of it?

No, it would just show Rubrick standing on the grass.



não consigo jogar,infelizmente aparece uma mensagem escrito que u não tenho o WebGL e devia verificar,sendo que eu já tenho instalado


I can not play, unfortunately a message written that I do not have WebGL and should check, and I have already installed


Oi KidTroll, qual seu sistema operacionl e navegador? Tenta em outro navegador, ou entao atualizar o seu atual :)


Pessoal da Onagro, fiz uma versão dublada do Möira, aprovado?

Como eu jogo no controle de XBOX 360,aliás,Ótimo jogo viu ONAGRO STUDIOS,Estao de parabéns!

Love the art style! Will definitely check this out when I'm not on super crappy airport wifi.

Hi Greg! I'll make sure our artist reads your kind words. Have a good flight!

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Just to let you know, I'm having some severe framerate issues on a 13 inch early 2015 MacBook Pro. Even when trying to swipe away into another space, it is extremely laggy until the game is completely off screen. I'm assuming it's something that's going on in Construct2, but either way it is unplayable for me at the moment. Are there any keyboard shortcuts to try playing in a window?

Hi and thanks for the heads up! What version of Mac OS are you using? Try hovering your mouse on the upper right corner of the screen, it should reveal a button to play the game in windowed mode. I'm on a early 2014 MacBook and it works.

OS X 10.11.3. Completely forgot about the fullscreen maximize button! Performance goes back to normal in a small enough window, but FPS issues persist even when the window is sized at about 75% of the screen. May be a Retina issue or a problem with Intel Iris graphics, perhaps.

What is your screen resolution spongeh?

The panel is 2560x1600 set to the 4th option, which I believe is 1680x1050


Wow, this is a great looking game! I love the Game Boy aesthetic and feel to it (especially being able to change the color scheme like on the old Game Boy Color!). I came to looking for some indie titles for my Let's Play channel (I uploaded the first part of Moira today!) and this immediately jumped out at me! I really hope your Kickstarter proves successful because I'd really like to play the rest of Moira!!

Great demo, keep it up!!

Hi twitchyjay! Thank you for your comment and for the video, it's great! We're working really hard to make this game happen.

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Oh man, this demo is FANTASTIC! I love the art design, the gameplay, and the general tone of the game. The use of color on the villain at the end was a great choice. I really look forward to playing more of this game!

And I also have a let's play in the works, and I thoroughly enjoyed the game the entire way through. I want more :)


Thank you so much Gamersaurus! We're glad you enjoyed it!

I just watched the let's play video, it's great! We will post it on our social networks, is it ok? And also we will be having a crowdfunding campaign soon, probably in a month! We will keep you posted!


That is totally fine! And thanks, this game has a ton of potential, so I'd love to help promote your crowdfunding too.


Also, it was nice seeing that you got stuck after the boss at the factory. It is one of the points in the demo we are trying to figure out how to make it more intuitive for the players.
If you have any feedback on that , we would love to hear!

The game mostly felt really intuitive! I guess not too much feedback for that yet

Hey Saurus! we launched a thunderclap campaign to spread the word about our crowdfunding, which will launch on March 9th!

Awesome! I'll be sure to promote it and donate :)

I'm doing a giveaway to promote another developer until March 19th, but as soon as that's over, I can do the same for Moira


This was so cool. I've been following the development of this game and I'm so glad to see it finally up to play.

Unfortunately I couldn't' get my usual recording program to work with this, but I managed with a little extra work to do a video on it.The actual game was well put together. I can't wait to see more of it.

Watch a playthrough here.

We launched a thunderclap campaign to spread the word about our crowdfunding, going live on March 9th!

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